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How We Help Our Community

Community Service

Community Connectors

Green Door Families partners with local churches to empower and equip them to effectively offer emotional and practical support to families and individuals within their community. There are many that face loneliness, challenges and difficulties in their lives. From within the church family volunteers will be trained as Community Connectors to come alongside families and individuals in need.

Who We Help

We support families and individuals in the community who need help and support in many different situations including, family crisis, a new baby, illness, death of a loved one, loneliness, financial worries, isolation, poverty, homelessness and addictions.

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Prayer Group

Why Churches Need Us

We are Christians who want to bless our communities through partnering with the church.

Green Door Families helps churches to make contact with people in their communities who walk past the church every day but have no way to make a connection. We work with agencies who work with families and individuals in need of support and we will introduce them to community connectors within your church.

Green Door Families provides continuous monitoring and support for the community connectors and will network with local agencies.

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