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Befriending Service

Friends in Nature

What do Community Connectors do?

Community Connectors are under the umbrella of the local churches working with GDF. The support for families is
provided through the matching of a community connector from within the church who has completed a safe
recruitment process including DBS check and training.

Our community connectors have helped in many ways such as:

  • Enjoying a coffee together at the church coffee shop or in the home

  • Accompanying a parent to the toddler group or a walk in the park

  • Visiting an elderly person in their own home

  • Helping with shopping , tidying or cleaning the house

  • Taking to an appointment

  • Clearing rubbish with a trip to the tip

  • Helping a young family enjoy time together

  • Baking a cake

  • Talking and listening

Green Door Families works to bridge the gap between the Church family and the most vulnerable in our communities. Requests for help for families who need support come from social care professionals to Green Door Families and our Community Connectors go to visit, help and befriend where they can.

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